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Welcome to A Dream in Mind Photography Studio's. I am a creative freelance photographer in Denver Colorado for the past 25 years. Started my career as a sports photographer which is my first love. This exposure taught me passion for the raw emotions we have doing something we love. That feeling is what I want to capture forever. I have photographed major corporate events, mastered studio portrait photography of amazing families/individuals, participated as local media for political campaign, captured musical artist at concerts, recorded World Special Olympics, and created multiple youtube videos.

I live my life by the moto that we are only limited by our own minds. This is how I came up the the creative name for my Studio's. I feel in life we are the only person that can limit our self dreams. My goal is to give my clients finished products that show the true emotions of the event. Because what's important is to see the photos later and relive the feeling you had at that very moment just by looking at your pictures. A Dream in Mind can do this for you.

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